Visitor Fellows Scholars

2013 Guests

Enrico Di Lorenzo, MD, (Audiologist & Phoniatrician)

from Rome, Italy attended the XXI Annual PVC and spend two weeks as a fellow with the PVSF. He also conducted together with Dr. Izdebski research on supraglottic phonation using high speed digital imaging (HSDI) and distal chip camera. Resultant data are being processed using Nyquist plots and SCU system (Dr. Y. Yan) and will be submitted to e-Phonoscope, to HSDI book and will be presented at MAVEBA in conference in December 2013.

Chronological List of 2012 PVSF Hosted Visitors, Fellows and Scholars.

1: Laura Vaughan, MA, SLP, San Diego, CA, USA
Laura Vaughan, MA, SLP, from San Diego, CA, was the first PVSF visiting Fellow for 2012. Laura helped with XX Annual Pacific Voice Conference and observed clinical activities at SFENT. She also co-athored a presentation on archival film on high speed filming of the vocal folds conduced by Drs. Moore and von Leden in 1958.


Communicative Disorders and Sciences at the San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 95192-0079, conducted clinical visit at the PVSF facility in October, 2012.

Ms. Laureen De Shazer Iyer
Mr. Bryan Gilstein
Ms. Zoe Wright
Ms. Geraldine Kim

Santa Clara University, students and scholars visited PVSF facility in October, 2012.

Mr. Jiangtao, From PRC, Visiting Scholar at the Bioengineering Department at SCU
Mr. Tailong Shi, From PRC, Visiting Scholar at the Bioengineering Department at SCU
Ms. Samantha Pham, SCU Bioengineering Senior Student
Ms. Rohini Deb, SCU Bioengineering Senior Student
Prof. Yuling Yan, Chair of the SCU Bioengineering Department