Best Scientific Paper

Pacific Voice & Speech Foundation 2012 Award For Best Scientific Paper “Analysis of high-speed digital phonoscopy pediatric images” presented at the XX Annual Pacific Voice Conference Optical Imaging, Therapeutics, and Advances Technology in Head and Neck Surgery and Otolaryngology held conjointly with SPIE Photonics West  Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA, Jan 21-23, 2012 awarded […]

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Whisper to me

Do Presidents and Prime Ministers speak as leaders? Do bishops deliver bad news in happy tone. What is the sound of emotions in the voices of Polish Public Officials? How does the voice sound when the speech deducted from its content?- To find out, please tune to “Tygodnik Powszechny”. The new issue of “TP” features conversation with Dr. […]

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Voice and Sexuality: The spell of the senses


VOICE AND SEXUALITY, is the book for how to deal with the voice and talking about sexuality in the interests of balance between body, mind and soul, and between the demands of the imagination.

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Emotions in the Human Voice, Volume III


The last volume of Emotions in the Human Voice presents the reader with information on the application of vocal emotions in the daily interaction with technology and whether the vocal emotions are universal or culture specific. This volume presents noteworthy data on cross-cultural vocal emotions and how the emerging silicon technology struggles to provide unbiased […]

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Emotions in the Human Voice, Volume II


Clinical Evidence engages the reader with discussions on the neurobiological and clinical aspects of emotions in the human voice. Newest information on production, perception and dysfunctions affecting these aspects of vocal emotions are presented. Fascinating brain studies on how our brain composes, stores, and retrieves vocal emotions as a factor of valence, age, and gender […]

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Emotions in the Human Voice, Volume I


This book introduces foundations of vocal examined emotions and the vocal expressions of affective states are included. Theoretical aspects of emotions in the human voice are, incorporating both historical perspectives as well as new theoretical approaches. Vocal aspects of affective states are approached from many points of view and linked with affective dimensions and categories. […]

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