The Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation (PVSF) is a non-profit world organization dedicated to the human voice and speech, its care, problems and training. PVSF is associated with the World Voice Consortium, an international umbrella organization of voice societies. PVSF is associated with the World Voice Consortium, and international umbrella organization of voice societies. PVSF organizes annual Pacific Voice Conferences, and other educational events. PVSF promotes interdisciplinary contacts among the many international voice professionals and conducts research on the human voice. PVSF was established in 1989 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with one goal in mind: Promote, educate and care for the human voice, a tool of modern labor. PVSF is here so that you can keep your voice.

PVSF activity aims are to:

  • advance research concerning diagnosis and treatment of voice and speech disorders.
  • organize national and international conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops on voice disorders, voice care and voice production.
  • disseminate information on the human voice and its problems through interdisciplinary approach via an open access peer reviewed ePhonoscope journal
  • promote uniformity in international education by organizing international conferences, advocating enhanced models of learning, by international exchange of students and scholar, and by participating in international research projects

The goal of the PVSF is to improve the science, care, art and prevention of the problems of human voice and to work cooperatively with other sources to attain:

  • the most effective treatment methods
  • safe occupational criteria for voice users
  • assistive voice technologies
  • international centers of excellence
  • improvement in criteria used for voice examination
  • improved dissemination of information via distant learning and the Internet

To learn more about PVSF and its activity contact us here