How to Give

The PVSF is appreciative of all gifts. Those that are unrestricted – from cash and securities to property – are particularly beneficial, because they can be used whenever and wherever the need is greatest. Endowments provide crucial ongoing support as well, in addition to being essential to the future financial well-being of the PVSF and its mission.

Gifts of Securities

Many donors prefer to make their charitable donations in the form of stock gifts because of the multiple benefits available. Donors may avoid capital gains tax on appreciation of securities held more than a year, and the charitable income tax deduction is equal to the full value of securities held more than a year.

Gifts of Real Estate

For some, giving property is an attractive way of making a noncash gift while reaping all the rewards. Like a gift of stock, donors may avoid capital gains taxes on any appreciation the property has realized, and the charitable income tax deduction is equal to the full value of the unencumbered real estate.

In addition, there are no gift taxes, and because the property is removed from the donor’s estate, estate taxes are also reduced. Nearly any type of real estate may be contributed: undeveloped land, farms, commercial buildings, vacation homes, or the donor’s residence.

Planned or Deferred Gifts

Bequest and deferred gift planning creates many personal benefits. Federal laws encourage deferred giving by providing for tax savings, while at the same time allowing donors to receive income and benefits from charitable gifts. There are many plans that are available to meet the specific needs of individuals interested in leaving a legacy for future generations.

If you have questions or would like more information about making a gift to the PVSF, please contact us.