Ongoing projects involving associates of PVSF

  • Vocal Dystonia Project in co-operation with Dr. Mette F. Pedersen of The Dystonia Group
    Goal: to update information on laryngeal focal dystonia, diagnosis and treatment. See PROGRESS REPORT
  • Advanced Voice Assessment. Project in cooperation with the European Union’s Cost 2103 Group.
    Goal: to enhance clinical and instrumental methods for measurement of voice and speech disorders
  • High-Speed Digital Imaging of the glottis in normal and disordered phonation: Project in cooperation with Dr. Y. Yan of Santa Clara University, Bioengineering Division of Engineering Department of Santa Clara University.
    Goal: To provide user-friendly platform for rapid analysis of massive visual data acquired via HSDI using Nyquist plot platform.
  • iPhone application development for Parkinson’s Syndrome Vocalization. Project in cooperation with T. Baldwin of Oakland Kaiser Foundation Hospital and Bioengineering Division of Engineering Department of Santa Clara University.
    Goal: Develop pragmatic application to enhance speech and voice intelligibility on Parkinsonian patients.
  • Acoustics, Electoglottography and HSDI of dystonic voice. Enhancement of clinical data base. A part of a JOINT RESEARCH PROJECT AS PART OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COOPERATION BETWEEN ITALY AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with Dr. Claudia Manfredi of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications. Università degli Studi di Firenze, and Dr. Yuling Yan of SCU, CA, USA
  • Transcotical stimulation and acquisition of vocalization. Project in cooperation with Drs. Gallasch and Christova from Medical University, Graz, Austria, EU. Aim: Develop technology for restoring vocalization i patients with traumatic brain injuries.
  • Expression of emotions in artistic vocalization. Project with Dr. Branka Zei-Pollerman, Vox Institute, Geneva, Switzerland. Aim: Develop understanding of how vocal emotions are coded in artistic voice.
  • Detection of directionality of emotions in stressed vocalization. Call center data base. Project in cooperation with Dr. Grazyna Demenko,See PROGRESS REPORT
  • Gardasil® Immunization Effects on Laryngeal Papillomatosis: project on efficacy of vaccine together with Dr. H.H. Dedo. See PROGRESS REPOR
  • Behavior of vocal cords in didgeridoo performer. Fiberoptic examnation. Project with Lydia Hyde, Ronal Ward and Joel C. Ross. See PROGRESS REPORT
  • Avastin and its role in controlling laryngeal papillomatosis. Project with Dr. Raul M. Cruz. See PROGRESS REPORT

Progress Reports