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Do Presidents and Prime Ministers speak as leaders? Do bishops deliver bad news in happy tone. What is the sound of emotions in the voices of Polish Public Officials? How does the voice sound when the speech deducted from its content?- To find out, please tune to “Tygodnik Powszechny”.

The new issue of “TP” features conversation with Dr. Krzysztof Izdebski, a specialist in the psychology and physiology of voice. We talk about the voice, why some conversations bore us, why we suffer when we attend to a tough call, and which ear to use when talking love…

read the original article in Polish
read the original article translated with Google

About Krzysztof Izdebski

Dr. Krzysztof Izdebski, founder and Chairman of Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to voice and speech dysfunction and a Chairman of the Annual Pacific Voice Conference, a yearly gathering of voice experts is an internationally recognized scientist, clinician and a voice-speech pathologist. He is also a co-founder of the World Voice Consortium, an international body of individuals and institutions dedicated to the study and care of the human voice.

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